The Police State Rhetoric Is Officially Mainstream (VIDEO)

The police state gained steam in the 1980’s through the drug war, and unwinnable war against the American people, which was then accelerated by Bush and Clinton in the 90’s. Then came 911 and as we slowly see drug laws loosening, anti-terrorist laws and force are blanketing the landscape making the anti-drug war look like…

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We Were Born To Survive (Video)

We were born to survive. We were born to live in the moment. To seize the day. To take shelter from the rain. To drink the water puddles. To hunt, fish, grow and reproduce. 10 finger, 10 toes. Opposable thumbs. A giant brain. We roam the earth as the most powerful primates in our galaxy and…

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Black Vs. White or State Vs. Individual?

We open our eyes to a world filled with color, the vast majority of which is much more appealing than the black, white and grey scale law enforcement resides in. In fact, If I look at the grass on the lawn and try to imagine it as grey, it proves to be quite difficult. It’s hard to…

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The National Debt & Federal Reserve LIES Explained In CRAZY Numbers

Sometimes I hear people talking about reducing spending and paying off the national debt. For those who think that is possible, listen up. There are 1 million seconds in 13 days. We all live that long and can remember the past two weeks. It is a manageable, understood amount of time. There are 1 billion…

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The Purpose Of Schooling – John Taylor Gatto

  John Taylor Gatto (born December 15, 1935) is a retired American school teacher with nearly 30 years experience in the classroom, and author of several books on education. He is an activist critical of compulsory schooling, of the perceived divide between the teen years and adulthood, and of what he characterizes as the hegemonic…

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Incredible Videos Show Isolated Amazon Tribe Making Contact With Outside World

New video shows an isolated tribe from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil making contact for the first time with villagers who live along a river at the Peruvian border. The native group identified as the Rio Xinane, who are part of the Panoan linguistic group, visited the Ashaninka, a settled indigenous group, who live along…

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Why TV at the end of the day leaves workers feeling depressed

Slumping in front of the television after a long stressful day in the office is likely to leave workers feeling like a failure and will not aid relaxation, researchers have found Workers should meditate or take a yoga class or at the end of the day because watching mindless television programmes drives feelings of guilt…

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Citrus Growers Manufacture Huge Amounts of DMT

It may surprise you to learn that common citrus trees like oranges and lemons are actually Schedule I substances, in the same legal category as heroin. I know it sounds absurd, but it is absolutely true. Recent analysis published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (Servillo et al. 2013) found that several citrus…

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Man supplying cannabis to seriously ill toddler has house raided after writing to Chief Minister

An ACT man who was providing liquid medical cannabis to the family of a seriously ill toddler has had his house raided by police, after writing to the Chief Minister to tell her the treatment was working. The marijuana was being supplied to family of a two-year-old girl named Abbey, who suffers from seizures that…

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Totally Rad 80’s Movies .Gifs

Dancing like Kevin Bacon..

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